Notice of Revision of Terms of Use (Version 1.4)

Notice of revision of Terms of Use

Thank you for using the HelloWorld Cultural Exchange Program [referred to below as Machinaka].

In order to provide clear guidance for our program, we have decided to partially revise the Terms of Use document for Machinaka.

Please see and note the main changes below. 

* The revised terms of use are as follows.

Major changes (Version 1.4)

  • Modification of the wording to clarify instances with water activities [Article 8, Paragraph 1, (18)].
  • Modification of the wording to clarify moral rights from the original Japanese wording (Article 15, Paragraph 3).
  • Modification of grammar and wording to make it easier to understand.

Click the following link for more information:

Machinaka Terms of Use

We look forward to your continued support for Machinaka.

Revision Date

September 20, 2022