Building Peaceful and Friendly Relations Through Hosting

Hello everyone! This is the HelloWorld Host Team. Today, we want to share with you a special interview with one of our host families, the Jensen family. Their unwavering support of HelloWorld Cultural Exchange Program through their contribution to the Machinaka Fund and by hosting guests have been fundamental to fulfilling our mission.

As part of its activities, HelloWorld has established the Machinaka Fundto provide exchange experiences to students who wish to engage in international exchange but have limited access to it due to disadvantaged backgrounds. In the two years since its establishment, there has been an outpour of donations from people who resonate with this mission.

Machinaka Fund has also received great support from the host families of HelloWorld Cultural Exchange Program. In this issue, we interviewed one of our host families, the Jensen family, who were the highest donors to Machinaka Fund from December 2021 to April 2022. We asked them why they decided to donate and what were the most memorable parts of being a host.

Q. What made you decide to donate to Machinaka Fund?

The biggest reason is how deeply we resonate with HelloWorld’s mission. We also believe in creating peaceful and friendly relationships that span across countries. I think it’s valuable to know that the culture of the guest students is important, and to let them know that we value it too. All the students that I have hosted so far have been very courageous. I want to keep supporting students like them and that is why I continue to donate to Machinaka Fund.

Q. What has left the biggest impression on you as a HelloWorld Cultural Exchange Host?

We have hosted a number of students so far, but the time we spend cooking with them is always the most memorable. There is a subtle difference between the image held by students of “what Americans like to eat” and “what we actually like”. Despite this, of course I do like hamburgers. It’s interesting to be able to have such conversations and notice these things while cooking together.

Q. What message do you have for future donors about HelloWorld Cultural Exchange?

HelloWorld Cultural Exchange is well thought-out program, and same goes for the matching of guests and hosts. If something occurs with the student during hosting, the staff will respond promptly and with care. It is really important to create this relationship and environment where you can get along and understand each other despite coming from different cultural backgrounds. Our family also feels the benefit of hosting and donating. I believe it’s a win-win program for all.

I want to tell you that we are always open and excited to welcome you. I hope that the students will have fun while immersing themselves in cultural exchange and that they will bring home good memories with them. I would be so happy if you could relax and enjoy the program without feeling nervous.

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Through the HelloWorld Cultural Exchange Program, our amazing Host Families share their culture and their daily life with Japanese students by welcoming them into their homes. At the same time, it is also an opportunity for Host Families to learn about Japanese culture as well.To read more about this program, we suggest taking a look at our previous article “Learning From Each Other: A Touching Experience from Our Program”.

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