Why Do We Fundraise?

International exchange and study abroad experiences can broaden children’s horizons, while giving them a chance to think deeply about themselves and the region they were born and raised.

Exchange and study abroad programs are encouraged in Japanese schools, and viewed as an incredible opportunity for Japanese students to have a global and multicultural mindset as they prepare for their future. 

Although modern travel makes it easier to go to other parts of the world, studying abroad can be very expensive. For the many students who cannot afford on their own to study abroad, only the few who are blessed with a good home environment, enough time, and excellent grades can be selected for government-sponsored programs.

At HelloWorld, our goal is to make studying abroad available for all children.

One way children can study abroad is through our Machinaka Ryugaku Cultural Exchange (Japanese for “Study Abroad within the city”) program.

In addition, HelloWorld fundraises and collaborates with boards of education and schools in Okinawa and Kanto to provide free study abroad programs in the city for children who are otherwise unable to receive such opportunities.

Poverty and disparity surrounding children in Okinawa

As an island nation, Japan does not have the kind of international access that other countries have with shared borders.

For many residents of Japan, traveling to other countries is a huge financial expense.

Only a few fortunate people have the opportunity to study abroad.

At the same time, Japan has long been producing immigrants to work around the world, spreading international ties all over the world and increasing the people’s desire to go abroad and learn about other cultures from generation to generation.

As a local company born in Okinawa, HelloWorld wants to

“Yui Ma-Ru”

which means “help one another” in the native native Okinawan Hogen language.

We created a system to support the next generation of children to easily access different cultural experiences, so that they can shape their future with the whole world in mind.

How You Can Help the Fund?

Foreigners living in Japan can help HelloWorld in two different ways.

First, becoming a Host Family and sharing your culture, language, and traditions will provide Japanese children the opportunity to experience Machinaka – cultural exchange within the city. Being a Host Family in Okinawa or Kanto will be essential for our local study abroad program to work.

Another way to help is by supporting our goal to make studying abroad available for all children by donating to our Machinaka Fund.

Whether you are a Host Family and choose to give your Activity Budget towards the Fund, or generously donate on your own, you can help the HelloWorld Machinaka program become available to all students. 

If you are a taxpayer to Japan, donations are eligible for preferential tax treatment under the Japanese tax system.
To give toward the Machinaka Fund, click HERE to contact a HelloWorld staff member to process your donation.

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How to Donate

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