Frequently Asked Questions

How often will we be able to host every month?

It’s up to your family schedule.

Some people like to host twice a month, while others may only chose to host once a month. There are no restrictions.

What if I don’t like the program?

If it turns out hosting is not for you, you can elect to stop hosting at any time.

What is included in the activity budget?

The activity budget is provided to the host family for the expenses that the host will incur during hosting the students including food, drinks, transportation, etc. Any other expenses are not reimbursed.

*We do not provide any incentives besides the activity budget mentioned above.

When do I receive the Activity budget?

We will transfer your activity budget by the 15th of the following month of your hosting experience.

Can I participate for a one day program instead of over night due to unavailability of a guest room ?

Of course! We would love to have you for our day-time activities but please keep in mind that almost all our programs have sleepover.

What are the ages of guests?

Guests range from elementary school students up to college students. We also have programs where the guests are adults too, however, you will be notified of the ages of your guests before hosting.

Will we be hosting adults as well?

In some cases, a parent may want to partake in the homestay program with their child or sometimes adults wants to try this program to improve their English skills and learn about a new culture. If you are not willing to host an adult, please let us know during the interview process and we will make note of it.

How long will the guest(s) stay?

Even normally our programs are 24 hours long, we might have longer programs as well. Of course, we will inform you from the beginning how long is the program so you can always decide if you want to participate in it or if you prefer to skip it.

Who are these guests and where do they come from?

The guests are local students who wish to engage in foreign cultural experiences! They are eager to see and learn about the daily lives of people from different countries.

Do we need to be fluent in Japanese?

Not at all! The purpose of this program is to exchange culture and language. However, please give your guests some time to teach you some Japanese! It will make them more comfortable and give them great pleasure to share their language with you.

Do we get to chose who we host?

Yes, and no. We will choose guests to match with you based on your preferences and availability. However, ultimately, it is up to you whether you accept or not. You are never obligated to host.

Do we have to pick up/drop off the guest?

Depending on the program, sometimes we might ask you to pick up/drop off the guests. In some cases the guests will go directly to your place and will be pick them up on the last day.

How does the meal system work?

You need to share 3 main meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) with the guests during a 24 hours program. In longer programs, of course we will inform you which meals you need to share with the students in advance so you can prepare for it.

If we partake in outdoor activities with guests that require money, will they pay themselves?

If you plan to do outdoor activities that require money, you will have to pay for your guests as well.

What do I do if the guests don’t show up on time?

Please call us so we can call the guests ASAP. here!

Can I contact the guests myself?

Generally speaking, we will be the middleman between Guest and Host communication.

I might be late, what should I do?

Please call or text us so we can call the guests ASAP.

Will the Hello World staff also come to my house?

No, only the guests and family members will come to your house.

Is there any insuarance?

Is there any insurance?
Yes, we do have an insurance that can cover damages suffered by guests and host families.
If you meet our insurance requirements, we will compensate you.

Can I receive compensation if a child accidentally breaks my something in my home?

You can be rest assured that we have liability insurance for property damage and bodily injury. If you meet the insurance requirements, we will compensate you.

What about the bank transfer fee ?

As a general rule, we will transfer the Activity Budget through a Japanese Bank Account. As an exception to this, you may use a PayPal account or an account overseas but in that case, the transfer fee must be paid by the Host Family.