The HelloWorld Machinaka Cultural Exchange Essay Contest

In October 2021, HelloWorld organized a contest where the different Machinaka Cultural Exchange Program (the Machinaka) participants wrote an essay about their impressions after participating in the program. 

Interact with the Host Family from the United States of America.

The contest winner Ms. Misaki participated in the Machinaka program in July 2021 with the Ortiz family. In her essay, Ms. Misaki mentioned that she was very nervous at the beginning due to her current English skills. However, her father encouraged and motivated her to give it a try. During the program, she enjoyed many activities with the Ortiz family such as BBQ, playing cards, and going to church. By using her English skills, she was able to communicate effectively with her host family. At the end of the program, her perspective changed; now, her motivation toward learning English and studying abroad is vastly greater.

“I would like to participate in the Machinaka very soon again!”

Ms. Misaki earned an award to participate in the Machinaka Cultural Exchange program as a contest winner. “I would like to participate in the Machinaka very soon again!” said Ms. Misaki during the award ceremony. The Ortiz family also attended the ceremony and congratulated Ms. Misaki for her performance throughout the Machinaka. They also handed her an Easter basket full of chocolate eggs with an explanation of Easter.

“The impact of the exchange persists throughout a lifetime.” Says the Guest’s Father.

“Friendships that Misaki created at the church during the Machinaka still persist today. She will even celebrate her award with her new friends tomorrow,” says Ms. Misaki’s father. We strongly agree with Ms. Misaki’s father that the impact of the exchange does not only last three days but persists throughout a lifetime.

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