Want to Join? Here’s How to Become a Host!

Hello, everyone! This is the Host Team at HelloWorld!

Today, we’re going to talk about the process of becoming a HelloWorld host!

It’s easy to sign up, and the process is quick! 

1 Fill out the application     
2 Schedule a meeting time with one of our staff
3 Interview at your home with our team to get to know each other!  

4 Become a Host and begin hosting guests

1 Fill out the Application

Please click on the Apply button on our website and fill in your name, family structure.

2 Schedule a Meeting

One of our Hello World staff members will contact you via email or phone call after receiving your application.  We will have an online meeting to explain our program and learn more about your family as well! Then we will then schedule an in-home meeting for you at your convenience.

3 Interview with Our HelloWorld Team

One of our Hello World staff members will come to your home and explain in detail the program and give you instructions on what to expect. At this time, you can have all of your questions answered.  We will also ask you to submit a copy of your ID to confirm your identity.

4 Congratulations!! Become a Host!

After reviewing your application, we will notify you if you have been accepted. Once accepted, you will be a member of the HelloWorld Family!  We will then contact you at any time to discuss homestay matching.

We ware waiting for you to join the fun with the community who live in your neighborhood and want to discover the world!

Everyone, please feel free to sign up and become a Host today!

 If you have not yet registered, please visit the website here: http://host.hello-world.city

We will give updates regarding our services via Facebook and other SNS platforms. Please subscribe and follow for up to date information!