Meet The HelloWorld Team!

Thank you for visiting the HelloWorld website!!

I am Akko, Promotions/Guest Manager at HelloWorld Team.

I hope you are enjoying your life in Japan.

We, the HelloWorld Team, have created an opportunity for you to have warm and enjoyable experiences with locals in Japan through our homestay program, and more!

We all are enthusiastic to get EVERYONE involved in connecting cultures and people here in Japan.

We know you are excited to get more friends here. Why not become a member of our Family?

But first, allow us to introduce to you our core-members!!

Nice to meet you!!

Hikari -CEO

While attending the Faculty of Education at the University of the Ryukyus, he also studied abroad in eight Asian countries. He was exposed to the richness of nature and culture and the warmth of people in each country.

In 2016, he founded the Ryukyu Mirai Corporation. He has worked on many educational and industrial promotion projects for local governments in the prefecture.

He also launched “Homestay at home for foreigners living in the region” and “Hello World”. 

I want to contribute to world peace through international exchange services!

Tommy -COO

While a student at Keio University, he traveled the world as a backpacker. After graduating, he worked as a lawyer in Tokyo. While spending time in Berkeley as a visiting scholar, he decided he wanted to create a society where it was natural to have a friend from every country in the world! He loves homesteading and being around people!

Yamamoto -CTO

He is a full-stack engineer and father of two children who can do anything program related.
He has had a diverse career, having previously worked at an electronics store fixing televisions and installing air conditioners.  Before that, he was a highway planner. He used to ride motorcycles, but now  enjoys going to the park with his kids! He’s globally active, staying in China for work!

Akko -PR/Guest Manager

Akko loves traveling.  She’s also a jack of all trades: ♡ She’s a media director, dance and English school manager, and former newspaper reporter and freelance writer. She’s never studied or worked abroad, but being exposed to different cultures and values is what makes her feel “alive”! Lately, she’s had a desire to tour the international dance scene, while interacting and discussing with foreigners! 

We at HelloWorld will support your desire to experience foreign countries!

Prince -Host Family Manager

Prince is the Host Family Manager at Hello World. He’s been living in Okinawa for 7 years now and is also a prominent dance and English teacher. He travels often and has been exposed to different cultures throughout his life. 

I joined Hello World because I wanted to help people, from students to adults, fulfill their travel dreams through cultural exchange. Together we can enjoy life and grow!

Marimo -Community Manager

Marimo has studied language in Canada, the Philippines, Costa Rica and Uruguay. In Uruguay, she sat down with the former President Mujica, known as the poorest president in the world.

As she traveled around the world staying in the homes of her various friends she met while studying abroad, she realized that the world would be a more peaceful place if she had friends all over the world. 

We support international exchanges and cross-cultural experiences close to home!

Yabu -Engineer

Yabu is the engineer of Hello World.  While he was a student at the University of the Ryukyus, he saved up money to travel abroad to the Philippines and Germany!

 I want to speak more English and interact with the locals during this time! While I’m currently working as an engineer for Hello World, I’m learning English simultaneously !

Now in Japan, there are many younger people who are eager to go abroad like us in younger age…but not all people can go easily from many reasons.

Join in our team!!

So we want to make happy and fun exchanging time with locals and foreigners living in Japan.

If you have any questions and are interested, we are waiting to hear from you!! 

Peace 😉

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