HelloWorld Is Here: Notice of Company Establishment

Bringing the overseas experience of a new era to the forefront!

HelloWorld, previously a part of the RyukyuMirai’s Enterprise, has been established as it’s own stand-alone company, HelloWorld Inc.

In order to further strengthen the management system, Attic Start Inc. CEO Tommy Keisuke, a lawyer and UC Berkeley Visiting Scholar, and CTO Shuichi Yamamoto, who runs “Paike,” an international exchange platform that mixes up the world with love, have joined us.

The staff includes Marimo Higa, Adam Prince, and Akiko Agarie, who have been promoting Hello World for Study Abroad in the City, as well as engineer Tatsuro Yabu, who has joined the team.

Hello World has met a lot of guest hosts since 2018, and we hope to grow rapidly with a stronger network and platform.

Comments from CEO Hikari Nonaka
We are happy to announce that Tommy has joined us and we have made a new start on October 1st. We have been rethinking our study-abroad-in-the-city service, finding common ground with the SDGs, and strengthening our platform. 

On a personal note, the place where Tommy moved from the U.S. to Okinawa on October 1st is the very place where we decided on the name of our service, “Machinaka Ryugaku (study-abroad-in-the-city)” two and a half years ago.

We are happy to see that each of our members are evolving, and our guests who have participated in the program are also making great strides through the program.I hope that each one of us can make friends in each country in the world and create world peace.

I would like to continue to make our organization more interesting with each individual’s character.

Our goal for one year from now is to expand to Tokyo and Fukuoka.
Two years later, we wish to extend across all of Japan.
Within the next five years, we will establish a head quarter in Hawaii
We want to be the service everyone uses in 10 years’ time.

I’m going to go further with a big goal in mind!

Comment from COO Tommy Keisuke
What Hikari and I want to achieve is:
A society where it is normal to have one friend from each country in the world.
In order to achieve this, we will utilize the following:
(1) Paike
(2) HelloWorld Town Study Abroad
(3) World Classroom

I thought the shortest way to achieve this was to work as a trinity to make (1), (2) and (3) happen.
Although (1) and (2) and (3) are still separate companies, I would like to unify them in the future.