September News

HelloWorld featured in “Ryukyu Shinpo”

We are very happy to announce that on September 8th, the “Ryukyu Shinpo”, one of the most popular newspapers in the prefecture (alongside the “Okinawa Times”), published an article related to the Machinaka Cultural Exchange Program.

Twenty-three students from different schools in Yonabaru City, Okinawa, participated in our program from August 13th to 16th. Thanks to the cooperation of 10 host families, we were able to accommodate all the students.

Included in the article is a picture of Leila Cardenas san with the students she hosted! Leila san is an awesome person and a wonderful host! She is always so loving and caring with the students. Every time she hosts, she cooks many Peruvian sweets, like “alfajores”, “cakes” and “medialunas” alongside the students. 

We are so happy to count the Cardenas family as one of the many wonderful host families with HelloWorld!  We are thankful to be recognized by such a prominent newspaper, and hopefully, it will lead to more families joining our Machinaka program!

Congratulations to our Super Host Winners for August

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Congratulations to our Super Host winners for August, the Jensen family! 

Our dear Jensen family hosted 6 students, spread over 7 nights, and they received a guest score of 5 out of 5. They are a great family who love hosting students and making lifetime memories with Japanese students.

On September 9th, during the Farewell ceremony for students from Gifu High School, Okinawa, we presented the Jensen family with a HelloWorld t-shirt and stickers. 

Not only did the Jensen family do a great job hosting, but they also decided to donate more than 70000¥ to our foundation. Through our foundation, in collaboration with boards of education and schools in Okinawa and Kanto, we provide free study abroad programs in the city for children who are otherwise unable to receive such opportunities.

We would like to deeply thank the Jensen family for always trusting us and continuing to participate in our program.

Unique Okinawan Experience – The 7th Sekai Uchinanchu Taikai

Whether you have lived in Okinawa for 2 years, just arrived, or never set foot on the beautiful island, there is a rich and unique culture on this southern island of Japan that gives it a reputation for being a little slice of paradise. The Sekai Uchinanchu Taikai (“The World Okinawan People Festival”) provides an opportunity to better understand and appreciate the Okinawan people and culture.

This event is held every 5 years in Okinawa to gather all the “Uchinanchus” (Okinawans) from all over the world, including native Okinawans and those who have Okinawa in their hearts. The event was originally planned to be held last year, but was delayed due to Covid and is now on for this year.

The festival takes place October 29th – November 3rd with various events and activities to celebrate the Okinawan people. Plus, there are virtual events held online, so anyone outside of Okinawa or unable to attend can still be a part of the festival! 

The following link is a special video message in Japanese, English, Spanish, and Portuguese made last year that shows the heart of the festival and the anticipation to have the event this year. 

For more information about the Uchinanchu Festival, check out the link below to the Festival’s website in English to see schedules, activities, and events throughout the weekend. 

Website in English: