MACHINAKA ENGLISH QUEST is an innovative educational program held all over Japan to spark students’ genuine passion for learning English. In our enjoyable Scavenger Hunt-style activity, English Speakers of various nationalities team up with 5~6 Japanese students to explore an area of town by following a list of missions. These missions encourage the group to interact with each other, creating a friendly and warm atmosphere where they can enjoy communicating in English while getting to know each other’s cultures.

We are looking for English Speakers of all nationalities to join us and spark children’s passion for the world. We provide all English Speakers with an activity budget for each participation, which is meant to cover transportation expenses and phone data usage during the program.

Responses from our English Speakers

English Speaker from Cameroon
English Speaker from Cameroon

I joined HelloWorld’s program because I wanted to explore Japan and to get more connections outside of university! I love how the program turns into a win-win situation both for Japanese students and for myself!

English Speaker from Indonesia
English Speaker from Indonesia

Joining as ES in HelloWorld is a great experience. Not only for making new friends to other ES, but also improving my English. I’m very proud to introduce my country. I learn Japanese culture and language from students. Thank you for letting me joining HelloWorld 😊

English Speaker from Afghanistan
English Speaker from Afghanistan

I love learning more about the Japanese culture for myself and my family. Teaching Japanese students about the foreigners living in Japan and the fun of communicating in English through Machi-Que has become a passion!

English Speaker from Spain
English Speaker from Spain

I like joining the program because I enjoy communicating with Japanese students! I get to talk about my country and culture to them. Since I work as an animator as a profession, I work from home, so joining the program also helps me to socialize with other English Speakers!

How to Apply:
Easy 4-step Process!

1. Check Your Eligibility

Minimum Requirements

1) Participants are required to have an Intermediate/advanced level (B2) English proficiency as they will need to communicate with Japanese students in English during the program.

・Able to understand the main points of complex texts.
・Able to understand sentences using a wide variety of vocabulary.
・If you do not have an official test score / certification to prove your English level, you can still sign up. Your English level will be confirmed during the interview.

2) 18 years of age or older can participate.

3) Must live in Hokkaido, Kanto, Kansai, or Okinawa areas.

2. Apply for a 10-min. Interview

Once you confirmed your eligibility, please fill out the form from “Apply from here” to book a short interview with HelloWorld staff. Please encourage your English speaking friends (of all ethnicities) to sign up as well!

3. Interview with HelloWorld Staff

Once you filled out the applications, HelloWorld staff will send you a meeting information via email you used to apply. The interview will last approximately 10 minutes.

During the interview, we will explain in detail the program and we will also treat this as an opportunity to get to know you and your English level.

4. Make Amazing Memories with Us!

Once you receive a registration acceptance email, you will be registered as an English Speaker! After that, you will periodically receive in your email the information of upcoming opportunities.

We are looking forward to your participation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it required to be able to speak Japanese?
No, it’s not mandatory to speak Japanese.
Our MEQ primarily focuses on English immersion, so English will be the main language used. However, if there are students who struggle with English, we can initially communicate in English and then incorporate some Japanese words to aid their understanding.
What is the duration of the program?
The program length is approximately 4-5 hours.

Team Members